Youth Repair Therapy

60 mins - RM98

Deep cleansing for acne, oil, and pimples skin type for those in puberty period. It helps to keep skin’s moisture and nutrients, maintain a good skin ratio by reducing excessive oil and prevent clogged pores.

**This treatment is only for student. 

Signature Ionic Therapy
Dynamic Glam Therapy
Complete Anti-Acne Therapy
Cellular Light Therapy
Hydroxy Brightening Therapy
CYTO Skin Youth Reversal Solution
Snow Bright Skin Solution
Eye Rejuvenation Therapy
Neck Firming Therapy
H2Oxy Jet Therapy

Slimming Programs

Infra Red Blanket

30 mins - RM190

Use of infrared rays on skin brings a warm effect to melt the fats and achieve the slimming result by reducing water retention and perspiration.



Full Body Whitening Scrub

30 mins - RM90

A normal shower can only remove the dirt on the surface, while dead skin cells accumulated on the body are produced regularly. This whole-body scrub treatment is mainly an emulsified skin cleanser with fine particles to help us remove all the unwanted and unhealthy skin cells in order for the new and healthy skin cells to rejuvenate our skin. Body scrub peels off the aging scalps, gently removes dead skin, refine the enlarged pores, therefore brighten skin complexion, and achieve that tenderizing and whitening skin effect.

Relaxing Massage
Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage


OKENSEI Neck & Shoulder Moxibustion Therapy

45mins - RM160

Special sand moxibustion energy stove with moxa able to relieve your stress and relax your tight muscles, improves neck tension, shoulder pain, promotes blood circulation, and improves sleep quality.

Uterus Rejuvenation Treatment
Therapeutic Bust Treatment
OKENSEI MLD Detox Therapy
OKENSEI Volcanic Hot Stone Therapy

Hair Removal Treatment

Soft Waxing

15 - 45 mins - RM10++

Combining traditional techniques and the latest technology, it can effectively remove hair from all parts of the body, and keep you clean and fresh.

Hard Waxing
808 I-Laser
**The duration & price of Hair Removal Treatment vary for different parts, kindly contact customer service for more details.

Nail Services



Classic Spa
Moist Classic
Classic with Gel Polish
Express Princess
Foot Callus Removal
Foot Callus Treatment
Soak Off
Nail Renewal Treatment
**All price stated are basic price, for add on art design and diamond decoration will have extra charged,kindly contact customer service for more details.